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Wednesday, July 27th, 2016 5:24 pm.

OK, Mooseheads, I have FINALLY got the next comic posted!!

Yes, it took me a while, but the CRAFTSMANSHIP that goes into making sure a girl, who is supposed to be a cave girl, looks NOTHING like an ACTUAL cave girl, takes TIME!! But now that I’ve taken that time, it’s PRIME TIME!!

Prime Eve is my homage/ tribute to all those other curvaceous cave girls from the movies, like the rockin’ Raquel Welch! Eve Stone may seem like a dorky girl in this first part of the story (and she IS!) but after she gets the crystal spear, she WILL become a force to be RECKONED WITH!! If you think taking a drink takes away your inhibitions, wait till you see what happens when you have a magical mystery spear made by a YETI-LIKE RACE of SUPER-SAPIENS like THE TROGS!! The lovely lass may just end up ENDING some dino-destructors, like the evil GWANGOR, THE GARGANTUMASTER!!

So, if you wanna see a bodacious B.C.- looking babe kick some antediluvian ass, well–that part doesn’t happen in the first part of the story, but I PROMISE we do eventually get there!! To read Prime Eve Part #1, click the link here, or click the Prime Eve button on the left of the page!

One response to “IT’S PRIME TIME!!”

  1. Shrimpa says:

    I am lovingggggggggg all of this!!!!!
    How exciting!!! Bout to read part 1

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