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Everyone loves HORRIBLY DEFORMED cowboys!

Wednesday, February 15th, 2017 11:27 am.

Everyone loves HORRIBLY DEFORMED cowboys! But Jonah Hex has nothing on BUCK DAVIDSON, THE ONE AND ONLY INDELIBLE MELTING COWBOY!! He may have started out as merely the most ROOTIN’-TOOTINEST, tough guy in the WAY-OUT WEST, but no one knew HOW tough he was, ‘til a HEAVY DUTY dose of radiation hit him. Where most men would MELT away to NOTHING, Buck’s BADASS body kept regenerating flesh as fast as it fell off. Now, he’s the DRIPPIEST DUDE to ever own a dude ranch! But just because he’s an OOZER doesn’t make him a loser! He can make a rope out of RADIATION as easily as he can harness a horse! The government has deployed the DELICIOUS Dr. Domergue, to determine why this DAUNTLESS DUDE doesn’t DIE! So, if you wanna see a RADICAL RADIOACTIVE RANCH, some BIG BUG BATTLING and one WAY-WEIRD WILD WESTERNER, check out Issue One, Part One of THE INDELIBLE MELTING COWBOY!!!


Monday, April 4th, 2016 5:26 pm.

I Certainly hope so, because it is I, Your fearless leader, NICK MOOSE again , here to inform you that the FIRST HALF of the FIRST ISSUE of ROCK N’ ROLL PORPOISE MAN is available to read RIGHT NOW on this very site!!  You can either click that link, or go over to the left of my bodacious blog and click on the ROCK N’ ROLL PORPOISE  MAN  button!  Either way, you will be rockin’ and rollin’ with a PURPOSE …and a PORPOISE!!   In this captivating comic you will…

SEE a man turn into a PORPOISE before your VERY EYES!


SEE a SKULL FACED GHOUL GUY reap his revenge against TWISTING TEENS!!

SEE an aquatic adventurer MASSACRE a MARINE MENACE!!

…OK, admittedly, all of that does not happen in the FIRST part of Rock N’ Roll Porpoise Man  Issue One, but a HUGE BUNCH of it does!! And the rest will be in PART 2!  So, click away, good friends! And enjoy the first of what will be MANY MIGHTY MOOSE COMICS!!

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